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Leon is an Italian tratorria snuggly nestled in a cozy corner within Sisingamangaraja Sites. Like the other S2 establishments, Leon takes high pride in the use of fresh and high quality ingredients to bring about delightful and wholesome foods.

The Italian culture is rich in history, and food is an integral part of its society. Italy is a country that is conveniently located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea and shares its borders with south-eastern France. Furthermore, these neighbouring nations produce foods that intermingle with one another creating a diverse menu of delectable dishes.

Leon believes, that good food with the company of great family and friends are the heart and core of any dining experience. Food is not merely a means of survival but it is a culture, a tradition, and a way of life.


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+6224 8503006




jl. sisingamangaraja no. 19c, semarang 50232, indonesia

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